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Industries We Serve

Arrow is proud to serve a diverse range of industries and business sectors. Essentially, if your business, organization, or home uses electronics equipment, using our secure data destruction, e-waste, and IT Asset Recovery services is the most responsible and ecological choice when it is time to dispose of your end-of-life-cycle electronics.

Commercial & Business Offices

Commercial &
Business Offices

Maximize the return on investment of your IT equipment in your complex organization by relying on Arrow's Scrap Metal & Electronics Waste Recycling services. We will ensure sensitive information is not leaked while you are able to recycling and responsibly dispose of your outdated IT equipment. We will even ensure all state, federal, and corporate compliance regulations have been met.

Schools, Colleges & Universities

Schools, Colleges
& Universities

With schools and universities relying more and more on updated technology, the use of Arrow’s electronics waste and IT Asset Recovery services are needed more than ever. Ensure your educational institution is securely disposing its electronics equipment as it goes through upgrades, while retaining your best return on investment with our thoroughly secure data destruction and recovery services.

Medical Facilities & Laboratories

Medical Facilities
& Laboratories

The healthcare industry is fraught with sensitive information pertaining to your patients’ health history. With our thorough end-to-end data sanitization processes, we can comply with all HIPPA regulations and maintain the confidentiality of your patients. You can trust Arrow with all of your e-waste recycling and IT Asset Recovery needs.

Banks, Financial, Legal & Insurance Companies

Banks, Financial, Legal & Insurance Companies

The financial industry is primed for exposure to compromised data. Ensure there are no security breaches by trusting Arrow during your e-waste recycling process. During our thorough data destruction methods, we will ensure that all financial information will be totally sanitized with our end to end service. You can rest easy knowing that your and your clients’ information is totally secure during your e-waste recycling and that Arrow will be fully compliant with all industry regulations.

Governmental Organizations


Ensure your operations are compliant with all environmental, conservation, health, and safety guidelines, contact Arrow today to learn about our cost-effective and secure e-waste recycling and IT Asset Recovery services. We know that government agencies must adhere to a strict bottom line while also ensuring that all services are economical and ecological.

Residential & Municipalities

Residential & Municipalities

Secure yours and your family’s personal data with our thorough e-waste and data destruction services. In this day and age, your personal data and identity can be at risk when you choose to dispose your e-waste irresponsibly. Do your part to ensure your electronic equipment never reaches a landfill and keep your sensitive information secure!

Data Centers

Data Centers

We can help data centers ensure that their large volume of electronic equipment is efficiently and responsibly disposed of through our e-waste and IT Asset Recovery services. We make sure that all data is sanitized and thoroughly destroyed before we recycle and recover your electronics, ensuring all compliance standards are met.

OEMs & Refurbishers

OEMs & Refurbishers

We are focused on the unique e-waste recycling needs of OEMs, Re-Manufacturers, & Refurbishers. With our services, we can help you improve brand protection and reputation by responsibly destroying and recycling obsolete stock. Recover your raw material and stay compliant with all industry regulations with our secure e-waste recycling solutions.

Your Reliable, Full-Service Recycling Solution

Founded by veterans of the scrap metal recycling industry, Arrow Scrap was established in 2002 as a family-owned and operated recycling company. Now with two locations in West Babylon and Holbrook, NY, Arrow has grown to better serve the recycling needs of our local customers and beyond. Our aim is to recycle all scrap and electronic waste securely and responsibly, ensuring no recyclable waste is brought into landfills. Our on-site technology allows us to recycle materials in the most ecological, secure, and efficient manner.

Meeting and exceeding NYS DEC & Federal EPA standards is paramount to our services. We can ensure that our recycling programs will aid your company or organization in complying with all environmental impact laws and standards. We are proud to do our part in minimizing the harmful impacts that improper disposal might have on our environment and stand by our Zero Landfill commitment. Our professional and courteous staff are proud to serve the community by providing services for data destruction, de-installation services, and recycling for scrap metal, electronics, and computer components.

Full-Services Recycling Solution

Our Recycling Certifications

With our dedication to providing the industry's best recycling services, Arrow is proud to meet and exceed the standards set by R2-RIOS, NAID, ISRI, local, state, and federal authorities. We have been certified or are members of the following authorities on Data Destruction, E-Waste and Scrap Metal Recycling.


R2-RIOS is the standards organization that creates the guidelines for Responsible Recycling. The standards set forth by their organization are what encapsulates the doctrine on which our business model is based, which is to operate transparently, ethically, and safely.


NAID (National Association of Information Destruction)

NAID is the standards organization that promotes the necessary steps under all regulatory guidelines to protect and destroy sensitive data. Certification from NAID ensures that we met or surpassed each of their benchmarks for secure data destruction.


ISRI (Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc.)

As a member of ISRI, we are kept abreast of all new and emerging policies, compliance regulations, industry trends, environmental research, and other issues that impact the scrap metal recycling industry.

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