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Can We Scrap It?

Recycling And You: What You Should Know!

Recycling can sometimes be complicated. We’ve all been in a situation where we aren’t quite exactly sure what to do with batteries that no longer hold a charge. No one wants to actively increase their carbon footprint. That’s why Arrow Scrap is here to help with a handy list of what can and cannot be recycled!

Can Be Recycled

  • Metal, glass, plastic, and cartons

  • Mixed paper and cardboard

  • Scrap Metals such as copper, aluminum, brass, steel, tin, and iron

  • Batteries

  • Electronics

  • E-Waste

Cannot Be Recycled

  • Heavily-soiled paper or cardboard materials

  • Heavily-soiled plastic food containers

  • Plastic chemical containers

  • Styrofoam or any other foam based materials

  • Physical media storage devices such as DVDs, CDs, VHS, etc.

  • Printer cartridges

  • CRT Tube Monitors

  • Any items containing mercury

While Arrow Scrap Recycling doesn’t accept the usual bottles and cans, we do accept most scrap metals and electronic waste! For what we do not accept, you can look up what your local city ordinances are to find out the proper way to dispose of them. In the case that your municipality doesn’t accept an item for recycling, don’t get discouraged. That doesn’t always mean that it isn’t possible to recycle it at all. Oftentimes, there are standalone collection areas within your city designed to accept specific kinds of waste. Many businesses or facilities may accept them as donations. For example, most municipalities do not accept printer cartridges, however, there are many businesses that specialize in refilling them and will gladly accept them. 

If you have anything that we can help you recycle, feel free to reach out! Our numbers are 631-491-3061 (West Babylon) or 631-319-1910 (Holbrook). We’re happy to discuss things further and give you our best quote!


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