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An Eco-Friendly Way To Manage Your Medical Waste

Medical Waste Disposed Of Safely, Securely, And Certified With The Industry’s Highest Standards

The use of disposable items in health care is nothing new. Many items are single use for sanitary reasons, we haven’t created a way around this as of yet. However, there are many items that are multiple use but wear significantly with use. The world of medical science is constantly advancing at a breakneck pace, and medical electronics that may have been top of the line a few years ago are now outdated. All of this medical waste and electronic waste starts to pile up and it’s hard to find proper ways to dispose or recycle them. Luckily, Arrow Scrap is here to help. Bring your e-waste and outdated equipment to our Holbrook or West Babylon locations and get paid for recycling!

We Can Recycle:

  • Metal Wheelchair Frames

  • Motors

  • Lab Equipment

  • Stainless Steel Surgical Equipment

  • Batteries

  • Wires and Cables

  • Heavy Machinery

  • Electronic Waste

And much more!

We know that the healthcare industry is fraught with sensitive information pertaining to your patients’ health history. With our thorough end-to-end data sanitization processes, we can comply with all HIPPA regulations and maintain the confidentiality of your patients. Arrow Scrap manages retired assets for medical suppliers, hospitals, clinics, dentists, optometrists, med schools and other healthcare facilities responsibly, efficiently and securely. After one of the hottest summers on record, it’s time to make sure more is done to help out the planet. 

So give us a call to find out what Arrow can take off your hands!



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