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ITAD Importance

Why Chain of Custody Matters

As a business owner, you know one of your business assets is your data – your company’s financial data, your clients’ information, and other digital information. When it is time to dispose of your end-of-lifecycle electronic equipment, you must be concerned about the information stored on your devices. At Arrow, we are committed to the secure disposal of your e-waste and believe you should be informed about the importance of the Chain of Custody of your electronic data. 

What is Chain of Custody?

In terms of ITAD, the Chain of Custody relates to the documentation of the physical possession of your data-containing equipment during the disposal process, from start to finish. Your reliable ITAD partner will take on the burden of securing your data from the first point of possession, to the mode of secure transportation, to the proper destruction of the data, and lastly, to the dismantling and disposal of the electronic equipment.

Why is Chain of Custody Important to the ITAD Process?

Aside from corporate compliance issues, without this documentation, your equipment can be sitting in a supply closet or in the hands of someone with nefarious purposes. You do not want to compromise your important business assets by being careless about the handling of your end-of-lifecycle equipment. 

How Can You Verify the Chain of Custody?

A reputable ITAD partner like Arrow Scrap will provide certificates of destruction along with documentation of the Chain of Custody. 

What Should You Look For in an ITAD Partner?

At Arrow Scrap, we are certified by R2-RIOS and are members of NAID. Certifications and Industry-membership are excellent ways to ensure your sensitive data can be entrusted with an ITAD partner. 

To read more about the ITAD Services we provide at Arrow, take a look at our website. From deinstallation, to data destruction, to asset recovery & recycling, we are your trusted ITAD partners that will ensure each step of the process has been executed responsibly.


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