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Make Spring Cleaning Sustainable

Be prepared. Be diligent. Be conscious.

With all those months of maybe too much home time, you’re probably in one of two boats: you’ve taken the time to keep things tidy or you’ve accumulated more stuff. Either way, if you’re planning on getting a jump on Spring Cleaning, you’re not alone. 70% of Americans are about to do the same thing this time of year.

With some tips and preparation, you can make Spring Cleaning not only easier to maintain year round but also more sustainable and environmentally-friendly as well. If you have a habit of finding a place for things rather than having a designated place, now is a great time to get organized.

Take a good long look at your electronics, if you’re replacing, recycle too

Many people mistakenly throw out old computers, hard drives, phones, tablets and more. Why is that a mistake? Well first off, if you haven’t properly wiped data, you’re leaving yourself exposed to identity theft or credit card fraud. And if you run a business out of your home, that can be really disastrous. Second, there are laws and rules of governance around what e-waste can be thrown out and how it can be done. Additionally, you may be able to get some money for an old TV, computer or phone. If you need some advisement on what e-waste is recyclable or can be re-sold, contact the experts at Arrow Scrap.

Why toss it when you can scrap it

There are many items you can recycle or see to a scrap yard that you might not be aware of. For instance, old lawn furniture, used or outdated car parts and an out-of-commission lawnmower all have something in common – they all contain metal. And if you’re going the scarp yard, metal has value. But before you head there, know the going rate for the various types of common metal you’ll be bringing with you. The prices can fluctuate wildly depending on supply and demand.

Keep em separate

Chances are once you decide on the things you can live without, you’ll have a lot of bags or bins for garbage day. Keep two bins or bags – one for trash and one for recyclable, like cans or other metals. Not only will you ensure that you do your part to recycle, you’ll avoid the potential fines some face when failing to keep their recycling separate.

Finally, take a deep breath

Taking on Spring Cleaning can feel overwhelming but think how good it will feel to get rid of that clutter. After all, nothing feels better than a clean house. For more tips on recycling, visit ArrowScrap.com


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