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The New Normal Presents New Challenges For Old Data

How Work From Home Is Impacting ITAD

If most of your employees are working from home these days, you’re in good company. Nearly 90% of US companies have implemented full or partial work from home or remote work policies since the beginning of the pandemic. And while many have found it to be as productive or sometimes even more productive, it presents it’s challenges. There are logistic issues, IT-security issues, and certainly ITAD issues to be dealt with.

Don’t take it personal.

Many companies issued their employees company devices when WFH policies went into effect. But what about those employees who decided to use their own devices or contractors who have always used their own? Once those employees return to work, both company-issued computers, tablets and phones must be properly sanitized – and that goes for personal devices they bring into the workplace as well. Your ITAD partner can easily and effectively help you with this protocol.

Have more than you need?

If you have adopted a permanent WFH policy as many have or simply have a long-term work from home plan, ITAD companies like us can help you inventory excess or unnecessary laptops, desktops, and even servers and hard drives and help you create a plan for disposing of them properly, recycling them or selling them to a 3rd party.

Register everything.

It’s all too easy – intentionally or unintentionally – for company-issued devices to go missing with employees in many disparate locations. Cataloging everything is key. Additionally, if an employee leaves or is terminated, it’s a bit more challenging now to retrieve their phones, laptops, and tablets. By tracking and cataloging everything, it’s a little easier.

Select an ITAD partner who can help with all of the above.

Certified ITAD companies like us can help you with every facet of the process, from managing your equipment and any surplus to cataloging and if necessary, recycling or disposing of any outdated or unneeded devices. It’s a unique time to be doing business so having the right partner is key.


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