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What To Know When It Comes To Recycling Auto Parts

You Know About Used Cars, But What About Used Car Parts?

You go to great lengths to recycle everything from cardboard to plastic to glass, but what about old car parts?
Even routine maintenance can generate waste. For instance, oil filters shouldn’t just be recycled – they must be. The law requires it.
Here are some more car-related items you may not have thought to recycle – but you should!

Even when your rims are no longer road ready, they still serve a purpose. Discarded rims can still be turned into scrap metal, and that scrap metal can be turned into cash.Just because you no longer have use for your engine or transmission doesn’t mean they’re useless. A professional can recondition them for use so they get a whole second life in someone else’s vehicle.

Scrap metal
Car batteries have lead. Lead is bad. Enough said. Recycling your car battery is a small but important step in maintaining environmental health and safety. In fact, you can often make a little cash when you turn in your old or expired battery for a brand-new one.It’s your own personal gold rush. Nearly every metal component on your car can be recycled either on recycling day or at a local junkyard or scrap facility and there is value in them. 

For more tips on what and what can’t be recycled, go to Arrowscrap.com or call us at 631-319-1910 to make an appointment and turn in some of that unwanted scrap for cash.


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